10th June 2017

Saturday Working Hours at Building R1

Over the next few weeks the glazed atrium roof at Building R1 will be erected by the contractors.  The roof is being fabricated in Spain and delivered to King's Cross in seven separate sections.  These sections will be transported in special wide low loaders, which will arrive on site on the Friday and erected on the Saturday.  All works will be carried out within the site boundaries.

All work involved will take place on level 9 of the building (except the offloading from the lorry).  The contractors expect no additional noise to be created by the delicate installation of the glazed architectural steel.

On the following dates, out of hours working (past the regular 1pm finish) has been agreed with the local Council to allow two sections to be installed on each Saturday:

  • Saturday 17 June
  • Saturday 24 June
  • Saturday 1 July

Saturday 8 July has been held in reserve in case the contractors are unable to work on any of the above dates due to weather (wind).

The first section is due to be installed on Saturday 10 June but, as only one section will be installed, works are not expected to overrun the regular 1pm finish.


Visualisation of Somers Town Street Bridge - Moxon Architects

Somers Town Bridge gets planning consent

The proposed new bridge, given the green light by Camden Council in March, will span the Regent's Canal, connecting King's Cross by the Western Coal Drops, to Camley Street and the Camley Street Natural Park beyond.


19th January 2018

Weekend works at R1 - Sat 20th and Sun 21st Jan 18

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